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Al-Haram Tours Terms and Conditions

User agreement between the user (User, you) and Al-Haram Tours (we) Please read these terms and conditions of use (Terms and Conditions) before using the Al-Haram Tour website (Site) and making any booking. You sanction the Terms and Conditions when you visit the Site, without qualification. If you disagree with any part of the Terms and Conditions, you may not draw on the Site in any way or make a booking. Every one alliance regarding customer service or your booking should be sent to Al-Haram Tours to info@alharamtours.in

For Booking

  1. Valid International Passport for every Individual
  2. 6 Colour Photos Passport Size & 4 Photos 4cm x 6cm With White background for HAJJ
  3. 2 Colour Photos Passport Size & 2 photos 4cm x 6cm With White background for UMRAH
  4. Cheque / Demand Draft should be in favor of “Al-Haram Tours” & deposited 45 days before departure
  5. Ladies traveling with Mehram shall provide a notarized proof of relationship (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate in case of children)
  6. Cash should be Deposited at our Office only against official receipt
  7. There ought to be in any event 35 to 40 people groups in the gathering for Hajj and Umrah visit. What’s more, simply after that dates will be given.
  8. Pan Card number of at least 1 person out of two members or  2 persons out of three members or at least 3 persons out of 4 to 6 members in the family, which are going on Hajj and Umrah, is compulsory.
  9. In the instance of any change from the Saudi government, the extra cost will be borne by the Hajj and Umrah trip.
  10. Before there was just a ticket visa relevant for the youngsters above the age of multi-year and up to the age of eleven years. Yet, from now, a full bundle will be appropriate to every one of the youngsters over a multi-year age.
  11. Before On retraction, just visa expenses and some administration charges were deducted as dropping charges. What’s more, presently, No sum will be discounted on wiping out.
  12. Before booking was affirmed on the development of Rs. 10,000/- just and now reserving will be affirmed simply after full installment.
  13. Before we booked lodging, transportation, ground administration and JIYARAT by and by. What’s more, presently it is obligatory to take all the above administrations from the Saudi government.
  14. Before we leave Hajies for Umrah by applying for a visa and by booking tickets just and now visa is given simply after affirmation of inn booking, ticket, and transportation separately.

Because of these above reasons, paces of the considerable number of bundles have expanded. Furthermore, the Indian government has additionally made severe standards in such a manner. None of the outside visits will be permitted without giving PAN card number and without giving a GST number. GST would be material as administration charge and the installment would be acknowledged in checks as it were.

Condition Apply

  • All package are liable to change without earlier take note
  • Rooms distribution according to our course of action
  • No Rooms decision will be engaged
  • Menu of the Meals will be according to Our Arrangements
  • Hotels, Flight calendar, and schedule are liable to change without earlier take note
  • Subject to BTQ passengers as it were
  • As per RBI and GOI standards and guidelines
  • We are not in charge of any baggage lost or episode
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